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ANTI-GLARE Night Driving Eyewear

Anti-glare eyewear for night driving is a vital accessory for a driver. Glasses for driving of popular brands that are well-known worldwide as "anti-glare" and their various modifications do not solve the problem in full as for dazzling at night. The most commonly used glasses for night driving with dark strip at the top of the lens are dangerous to use, as it forces you to bow your head when oncoming traffic is approaching. It is extremely dangerous, because when the head is tilted, all the space ahead of the vehicle including counter lights is darken, that does not allow the driver to see clearly and promptly assess the situation in front of his car and on the roadside (pedestrian, bike path, etc.). Such a "nod" of the head lasts a few seconds, which can be fatal. Anti-glare glasses with yellow lenses with increasing contrast give a positive result when driving in dusk, foggy or hazy conditions, but are practically useless for night time driving.

In 2012 we exploited and patented a unique device – “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC”, that gives maximum protection to the driver from dazzling lights in the dark. It has no comparison in the practical world. Using “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC” you can protect yourself against collisions with other vehicles, people, animals and road objects at night. You will clearly see the pavement in front of your car while confronting oncoming vehicles. At the same time the glare of the bright headlights of other vehicles won’t blind you, their xenon and halogen beams will be perceived by you as usual sidelights!

At the same time you will clearly see what is happening in front of your car. The inclined movable shade of polarizing material takes away the blinding reflection of the headlights and reduces glare from bright lights on wet asphalt, leaving non-obscured that part of the road on which your car moves and also the roadside near a moving car. This main feature of “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC” is completely unique.

“ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC” is mainly intended for use on open road and away from populated area. An excellent result is achieved when driving on a single-lane road (the most difficult night driving). When you travel on a multilane highway you will enjoy the pleasure of night driving. “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC” showed an excellent result in response to the stream of oncoming vehicles with their lights on.

Using “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC”, you will feel the comfort of night driving. The duration of your driving won’t cause eye fatigue and won’t decrease your eyesight. It is very important for people whose profession is related to the transportation of people and cargo over long distances. It is also beneficial to inter-city bus drivers and cross city truck drivers.

“ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC” is a device which can be used in two variants:

The first – you fasten it to your own glasses. Such glasses can be with diopters, which is extremely important for drivers using these glasses in car.


The second – if you do not have any glasses, we offer you ANTI-GLARE Frame on our website in the “BUYABLE MERCHANDISE” box. This is specially designed reshaped light frame “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC”. It does not include any glass or plastic lens.


There are three models of “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC” - A, B and C. Each model depends on the eye level of the driver above the road surface.

Model A – is intended for drivers of all passenger cars;

Model B – is intended for drivers of off-road vehicles, minivans, vans and utility buses, mini trucks, large buses of international lines with low driver seats;

Model C – is intended for heavy trucks, articulated lorries, large buses.

The models also differ as to the degree angles of the blind screen, which is also our “know how”.

You have to consider the following precautions when using “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC”:

- If there is not any oncoming traffic, do not forget to lift the movable shades up, thus providing natural visibility;

- When you are driving through populated area (villages, etc.), it is necessary to lift the movable shades up or temporarily remove the “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC” eyewear;

- At night when you are passing by the accompanying transportation you also need to lift the movable shades up to improve visibility.

Remember! While using “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC”, you are protected from the glare of oncoming traffic. So, follow an important rule: dim your headlights no less than 250 meters before approaching opposite traffic. If the driver of the oncoming vehicle does not dim his headlights, check whether you have your high beam on.

If you have already bought and use in practice “ANTI-GLARE TAP-ACC”, please, write your reviews on our website, and we always appreciate your opinion and comments.



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